DoctorDave's ADS-B Receiver (near Louisville, KY KSDF):
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KNUQ -Validated (Moffett Federal AFLD in Mountain View, California United States)

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Moffett Federal AFLD (KNUQ)

ATIS:         124.170 Mhz.
Elevation:         32 FT
Airport Location: Mountain View, California United States  (N37° 24' 54.61",W122° 2' 54.00")  [Google Maps]
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Runway Hdg Length       Surface  ILS Name            ILS ID ILS Freq ILS Hdg
14R 144 8124 x 200 Asphalt
32L 324 8124 x 200 Asphalt
14L 144 9208 x 200 Asphalt LOC 14L IMNQ 110.350 143
32R 324 9208 x 200 Asphalt ILS 32R INUQ 110.350 323